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Alexa and Keith’s Story

In April 2018, Alexa DiMarino, 12-year-old daughter of DocuVault CEO Keith DiMarino, developed a migraine headache that lasted for almost three months. Alexa is just one of the 10% of school-age children who suffer from these debilitating migraines. These migraines make it impossible for you to function normally, and can be very scary. Keith saw what perseverance his daughter had through the worst of her migraines and so he decided to take on the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim challenge, a 48-mile endeavor through the Grand Canyon to raise money and awareness for this condition. On his journey, Keith took away some big life lessons and found the motivation to push forward just like Alexa, and other kids experiencing pediatric migraines do everyday.

During the time Alexa was experiencing her three-month migraine, many times she would sit alone in a dark quiet room day and night trying to stay calm so the headache wouldn’t get worse. She missed a lot of school and suffered a great deal. The DiMarino family wasn’t sure how to fix it, or if she would ever get better. They visited many physicians and health systems, and finally arrived at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), to the extraordinary care of their technicians, administrators, physicians and nurses. After five months of doctor visits and personal endurance, Alexa was almost back to her happy self.

Under Keith’s direction, we have made it a company-wide mission to help raise money and awareness for all of the children who suffer from the same pain as Alexa. By partnering with the American Migraine Foundation and raising money for CHOP, we hope to make a difference.

How to Help

In the fall of 2018, Keith started the Miles for Migraine Fundraiser, hoping to raise $25,000 for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to strengthen caregivers’ resources so that they could share their expertise and experience with other health systems and pediatric migraine institutions across the world. Since then, we’re proud to say that he exceeded his initial $25,000 goal, and he isn’t stopping. Because of the amazing response to his efforts, Keith has set a new goal of $100,000.
We ask you to consider donating to Keith’s fundraiser, Miles for Migraines:

Keith’s Endeavors

In September 2018, Keith embarked on the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim Challenge,
a 48-mile race through the Grand Canyon in 36 hours. He hiked in honor of Alexa and pediatric migraine research.

Rim-to Rim-to-Rim Challenge:

The challenge was extraordinary. Nothing went according to plan. The people he thought would finish didn’t. The water went down in the canyon on day two and his team had NO water for the final 24 miles of the challenge. There was no medic, no cell reception – they were all on their own hiking 5,000 feet altitude, sometimes in total darkness.
He finished the challenge a changed man. Like Alexa’s, he had to dig deep to find the motivation needed to complete his journey and push himself those extra miles.
Today, approximately 10% of school-age children suffer from migraines and half of all migraine sufferers have their first attack before the age of 12. W e still don’t know much about childhood migraines, and very few drugs have been approved for use in kids. In fact, children with migraines are often undiagnosed or under-treated, and there are very few headache specialists who will treat them.