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Why GenVault

We know how important preservation and biostorage are to you.

That’s why we built GenVault. Our state-of-the-art facilities were purpose-built by industry experts to be one of the nation’s most secure commercial biorepositories. With our secure biostorage solutions, lab transport services, and expert team, you can spend less time worrying about sample preservation for future generations and more time innovating.

Storage Solutions

Our GxP-compliant biorepository can hold more than 60,000,000 samples and can accommodate a wide variety of secure, temperature-controlled storage conditions.


6 floors of storage space, capacity for over 1,000 ultra-low-temperature units, and multiple expansive walk-in cold rooms


Storage conditions ranging from ambient to cryogenic (LN2 vapor), with temperatures including 4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and -196°C


24/7 surveillance with facial recognition, badge restricted access for authorized personnel only, and prohibited persons alerts


Back-up generators and tertiary back-up systems with multiple redundancies

Built to Preserve and Protect

Internal and external securities are built into the facility—far surpassing industry standards and making GenVault one of the safest biorepositories in the world.

Transport Services

Preserving biological material at controlled temperatures during a lab move is a complex process requiring expert care. Our lab relocation specialists are fully trained, certified, and licensed to manage the safe and secure transport of your critical bioinventory and high-value equipment.

Secure, Insured Transport

Biologic samples and specimens
Refrigerators, freezers, and LN2 tanks
Laboratory chemicals and reagents
Certified, licensed, and trained drivers
GxP- and USDOT-compliant operating procedures
Advanced packing and monitoring system with full chain-of-custody
Multiple redundancies and back-up systems

Bioinventory Support

Our team of cold chain storage experts serve as an extension of your team, providing end-to-end bioinventory support and the highest level of customer service.


We can assist with everything from transport, storage, and accession to monitoring, tracking, reporting, disposal


Our secure online portal gives you complete visibility into order requests, material inventory, and retrievals


All operating procedures are fully compliant (GLP, GMP, GDP, and ISBER) and can seamlessly integrate with your existing processes


Samples can be ordered at any time through our secure client portal and delivered  within a few hours safely to your door when you need it

Convenient Location

Located just minutes away from Philadelphia, GenVault offers easy access to other major areas such as New York and Baltimore/DC. Our strategic location also provides excellent proximity to several major airports, highways, and shipping hubs, ensuring hassle-free transportation to various destinations.

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