Your laboratory is responsible for many things.
Relocating your bioinventory doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Safely & Securely Relocate Biological Material in a Controlled Environment

Biological Transport and Lab Moving Services

Choosing a reputable and reliable company is crucial when moving a lab, especially a move involving temperaturesensitive biological, clinical, and pharmaceutical materials. When moving due to a renovation, consolidating laboratory space, a facility shutdown, or relocating operations entirely, the safety and integrity of your assets are our top priority.

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Excellence No Matter What the Project Size

GenVault Transport Services is a specialized lab moving company with over 80 years of combined experience. We help universities, medical research institutes, biotech and pharma companies, and government agencies relocate extensive collections of blood, tissues, cells, DNA/RNA and other biological material, lab chemicals, and high-value equipment requiring controlled temperatures.

  • From a single freezer to a full lab, your equipment or ours, we handle all types of laboratory moving and relocation projects, regardless of size or complexity.
  • Temperatures ranging from +4°C, -20°C to -80°C and -196°C.
  • Full compliance with Federal and State regulations and US DOT special permits to transport controlled and biological material.

Biological Material

Regulated Chemicals

Infectious and Non-Infectious Material

High-Value Equipment

Lab Animal Transport

We value our customers’ work and ensure that all material is relocated in a safe, regulated environment.

Why GenVault Transport Services

  • A fleet of 40’ custom-built tractor-trailers
  • All trucks are outfitted with redundant power to keep units powered during the entire move
  • GPS / telematics-monitored trucks
  • 24/7 temperature monitoring systems
  • Backup at-temperature units and LN2 supply
  • Packaging and transport of regulated lab chemicals
  • Comprehensive cold chain management solutions
  • Secure temporary storage in our offsite cGMP-compliant biorepository

A Specialized Approach

GenVault understands the critical nature of long or short distance lab relocation projects where safety and security are prime concerns. With our personalized approach, we plan and manage an integrated cold chain strategy for the entire transport journey.

Our highly experienced team recognizes that every relocation project is different. We coordinate onsite walkthroughs and listen attentively to ensure we understand and embrace each client’s unique needs. Whether moving down the hall, across the city or country, we offer flexible, customizable solutions to ensure a seamless move.

Temperature-Controlled Environment

GenVault Transport Services’ custom-built trucks with diesel generators provide reliable, redundant power to keep cryogenic and mechanical lab freezers and refrigerators operational while in transit. Each truck includes remote security and climate monitoring systems, GPS, backup at-temperature units, and LN2 supply onboard in an emergency.

Biological Transport with GenVault

Partnering with an expert lab moving service like GenVault Transport Services gives peace of mind that the material transported is safe and secure and redundancies are in place in an emergency. We understand the time and expense scientists and researchers spend developing large collections of research samples and other lifesaving products. The loss of a single sample can have costly and harmful effects on the outcome of studies to improve one’s life. That is why GenVault Transport is your trusted move partner!

Learn more about how our comprehensive lab moving services can help your organization through the complex process of a laboratory relocation.

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