This success story demonstrates how GenVault Transport Services (GTS) safely and securely relocated laboratory chemicals, cold room material, and more than 70 freezers and refrigerators for a biomedical research institution and treatment center. The local three-phase lab relocation project encountered a significant challenge when delivering the laboratory equipment. Emphasizing the importance of meticulous planning, communication, and experience, GTS successfully delivered all items to a building without a freight elevator, resulting in minimal disruption to the customer’s delivery timeline.

Lab Relocation Solution

Over six days, a team of experienced drivers/crew members relocated an extensive collection of lab chemicals, freezers, refrigerators, and cold room material from multiple buildings on campus. The project was executed over three phases.

The GTS team realized the project would have challenges at the destination. An on-site risk assessment to identify these challenges was performed, and a detailed relocation plan was developed. During the walk-through, it was revealed that an acceptable freight elevator was not available. Due to size constraints, the freezers and refrigerators to be relocated wouldn’t make it through the elevator doorway. A solution to get the equipment to the 2nd floor had to be developed. Under a single customer agreement, GTS used an outside rigging company to deliver freezers and refrigerators to the 2nd floor via a forklift. The vendor had to dismantle the 2nd-floor balcony while providing safety accommodations for customer personnel at the site.

During the actual move, our specially designed 40′ tractor trailers provided a range of advantages. Because of their capacity and efficient space utilization, we could handle a large volume of material and equipment in a single trip. Our truck configuration saved time and money while improving safety and security. Backup freezers, 24/7 alarm security, and temperature monitoring helped protect customer material throughout the move.


This successful lab move demonstrates GTS’s competence and commitment to delivering exceptional results in challenging relocation scenarios. GTS is a valued specialty laboratory moving services provider for life science institutions.

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