A prominent researcher and five staff members entrusted GenVault Transport Services (GTS) to handle a cross-country relocation involving their laboratory and personal assets. This multi-faceted, nationwide lab move involved temperature-sensitive biological material, hazardous lab chemicals, high-value lab equipment, household goods, and vehicles. GenVault Transport Services’ (GTS) approach to providing the right solutions for clients was pivotal in planning, managing, and successfully delivering on our commitment to a successful project.

When evaluating the lab equipment GenVault Transport Services discovered that the current laboratory freezers and refrigerators storing the at-temperature material would remain at the University. Through strategic relationships, GTS was able to help facilitate the customer’s rental and purchase of new units. The GTS team moved the material from its original location to the rental units in preparation for the lab relocation. Subsequently, the newly acquired units were delivered and arranged to receive the material upon arrival. Our dedicated crew carefully transferred the material from the rental units to the newly set up at-temperature units.

Cross-Country Relocation Solution

The GTS project management team knew proper planning and communication between the parties involved would be critical in handling a project with many moving parts. An initial walk-through was performed to identify and evaluate all laboratory equipment and lab assets to ensure nothing was overlooked – leading to a detailed lab relocation plan.

Frozen Biological Lab MoveWith expertise in relocating temperature-sensitive biological materials, lab chemicals, and high-value laboratory equipment, GenVault recognized the need to engage a lab move partner to manage the non-temperature-sensitive items, all household goods, and vehicles. Through detailed space planning, we effectively lowered costs by consolidating shipments and utilizing available capacity on the GTS 40’ tractor-trailer. Managing the non-temperature-sensitive lab move, our partner moved five households and six vehicles to the destination. Everything arrived intact and without any problems.


This story demonstrates the benefits of collaborating with a seasoned and proficient lab move partner to navigate the intricacies of a complete move project. By incorporating streamlined transportation strategies, GTS helped the customer meet their budget and simplify the complexities of coordinating multiple vendors and contracts.

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